US military movements accompanied by an “SDF” forces towards Al-Hasakah International highway

On Thursday, several military convoys of the "SDF" and the US military forces were moving from the city of Al-Hasakah towards the international road "M4" northeast of Syria.

Sources of the “Syrian Documentation Center” have explained that: “The military convoy was consisted of dozens of US soldiers, along with “SDF” fighters, and heavy military vehicles”. Adding that they were heading towards “Tal Nemr” area, guarded from sky by US military helicopters.

No confirmed information was given of the causes or the objectives of these movements, when the “Syrian Documentation Center” observers considered such move as a surprise, coming after the US turning its back to their formal ally, the “SDF”, northern Syria.

The Syrian army, however, had taken full control -at the end of last year- of a major section of the M4 international highway, only to have it officially reopened towards the city of Aleppo, after the “SDF” withdrawal of that region on the agreement agreed on between Russia and Turkey on full spread of the Syrian army on the entire Turkish border and the “SDF” areas of control.

US movements with the “SDF” come in the time of the front lines of Aleppo and Idleb being on a hot plate since the Syrian army is intensively targeting “Al-Nusrah Front” and its allies in Aleppo’s northern and western countrysides.

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