Details of the Turkish Syrian military confrontations in Idlib and their most prominent repercussions

The Syrian army resumed advancement on the axis of Saraqeb in Idlib southeastern countryside and targeted a gathering of the Turkish troops.

According to SANA, the Syrian army took control over the villages of Jobas and San southwest Idlib. While following the militants remnants, four Turkish soldiers were killed and nine others wounded. The Turkish troops responded with targeting the military points, causing no casualties at all.

Turkish Defense Ministry announced that four soldiers were killed and nine others wounded with one of them critically wounded due to the Syrian army shelling. Turkish Ministry said it sent its troops to prevent clashes in Idlib and their sites were already coordinated, according to Anadolu Agency.

Turkish President, Recep Teyyip Erdogan commented on the incident saying that the Turkish artillery and warplanes responded to the targeting of the “Turkish soldiers and killed 35 Syrian soldiers by firing 122 artillery hits and 100 mortar shells on 46 targets of the Syrian army.”

according to Anadolu Agency, Erdogan asked Russia not to obstruct the Turkish troops in its response to the Syrian army. Turkish Minister of Defense, Hulusi Akar and leaders from the Turkish army headed to the Syrian borders after the attack.

Spokesman of the Turkish Presidency, Ibrahim Kalin, tweeted that the blood of the soldiers will not go in vain and those responsible for their murder will be held accountable, said the shelling is an attack against the understandings over Idlib and added the Turkish troops immediately responded to the sources of fire.

Russian Reconciliation Center released a statement saying that the Turkish troops had movements inside the de-escalation area in Idlib on Monday without notifying Russia. Turkish troops were fired by the Syrian army while the latter was targeting the extremist organizations militants west Sarakeb.

The statement indicated that the Russian troops and the Turkish leadership are in contact with each other through channels of preventing collisions. Measures have been taken to transport the injured soldiers to Turkish soil. The statement also pointed out that the Russian troops constantly observe the situation in Idlib and have not recorded any violations by the Turkish warplanes entering the Syrian airspace or hitting Syrian sites. However, a Turkish military source denied that the Turkish soldiers who were killed in the Syrian army attack made any military activity of military operations.

This friction between the Syrian troops and the Turkish ones is the most violent in Idlib. While Turkey sent military reinforcements toward Idlib, especially to Sarakeb vicinity, the Syrian army resumed operations against Nusra Front and its allies towards the city which lies on the international road Aleppo-Damascus and has become in direct confrontation with the Turkish troops in Sarakeb who have been trying to back Nusra Front and its allies.

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