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Erdogan reveals his next steps in Idlib north Syria

In a speech he gave to the parliament of Justice and Development Party, Turkish President, Recep Teyyip Erdogan, revealed the measures Turkey is going to take concerning the current events in Idlib.

Erdogan said the Turkish troops will target the Syrian army in areas not described as de-escalation areas in Sochi agreement in Idlib in case the Syrian army targeted Turkish troops once again.

Turkish President said, “Syrian aircraft will no longer fly in the airspace of Idlib freely as it used to.” However, it remains unclear whether the Turkish troops will target the Syrian aircraft directly or will provide Nusra Front and its allies anti-aircraft warfare, especially that on Tuesday a Syrian helicopter was downed while flying over al-Nerab in Idlib countryside in an attack of the militants with the participation of Turkish troops.

Turkish President pointed out that Turkey will not remain silent on what happens in Idlib and said no one will be safe in a place where Turkish soldiers were targeted. Erdogan requested that the Syrian army will have retreated behind the Turkish points by the end of February.

Erdogan accused the Syrian army of targeting civilians with Russian support and said the Syrian and Russian attacks do not target terrorists and did not point out that the attack of the Syrian army forced the militants to retreat from their most prominent strongholds in record time and caused big human and material losses.

Turkish President announced the militants “with Turkish support”started a military operation to regain control on the areas in Idlib that they lost. Erdogan considered supporting the militants is part of the Turkish struggle inside Syria and “if Turkey has not struggled now in Syria, it will struggle later on Turkish soil.”

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