Russian Foreign Ministry: “Escalation of tension in Idlib, is due to Turkey’s failure to honor its obligations”

The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that "the reason for the escalation of tension in all Idlib regions is due to Turkey's chronic failure to honor its obligations and to the Turks sending weapons, equipment and mechanisms into the city."

“Turkey bears responsibility for the escalation of tension in Idlib region, as it does not abide by its obligations within the framework of the Sochi understandings, and we believe that the reason for the current deterioration is due to this,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

The spokeswoman added that Russia “remains committed to the agreements reached in the framework of the “Astana” process, and is determined to continue the work aimed at its full implementation,” noting that “the situation in Idlib has been greatly aggravated by the Turkish regime introducing Turkish weapons, ammunition and armor to it.”

For its part, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said, in a statement: “After the rapid collapse of its terrorist organizations that Turkey supports, arms and trains under the strikes of the Syrian army, and after revealing its role as an instrument of international terrorism and a puppet in the hand of its American master are exposed, the head of the Turkish regime comes out to us with empty, hollow and annoying statements that was issued only from an individual who’s separated from reality, who does not understand the course of affairs and matters, and only speaks of ignorance, threatening to hit the soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army, after he suffered painful strikes on his army on one hand and his terrorist groups on the other.

“The Syrian Arab Republic reaffirms the insistence to continue its national and constitutional obligations to combat terrorist organizations over the entire Syrian geography and rid our people of its terrorism, including the opening of safe humanitarian crossings, which have hindered terrorist groups backed by the head of the Turkish regime to exit civilians through them for human shields,” the ministry added.”

It is noteworthy mentioning that the Turkish President Rajab Tayyip Erdogan was threatening again, on Wednesday, that his country would target the Syrian army if it renewed its targeting of the Turkish forces, calling for “the withdrawal of the Syrian army beyond the Turkish points by the end of this month.”

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