For the second time in two days, the Syrian army has foiled a counterattack of the militants towards its points

Wednesday the Syrian army has repelled a counterattack of Nusra Front on the Syrian army points that are recently liberated for the second time in two days.

The latest attack targeted sites of the Syrian army on the axes of Maranaz a d Kafar Halab in Aleppo southeastern countryside. Violent clashes broke out in the area, killing more than 20 Nusra Front militants, according to SDC sources.

Nusra Front could not progress in the aforementioned axis and sources confirmed the battles continued for about two hours. The Syrian army was able to fully repel the attack.

The latest attack is the second in two days of the armed groups in an attempt to regain the areas recently lost. On Tuesday Nusra Front and the Turkish army launched a huge attack on sites of the Syrian army in al-Nerab village in Idlib countryside.

The Syrian army also repelled the attack and forced the Turkish army to retreat towards Sarmeen and Njara to regain control over the village later.

The latest attacks prove Turkey involvement with Nusra Front that is designated as a terrorist organization and its claims of fighting terrorism in Syria. The latest disclosed that Turkey is linked to not only the Syrian armed factions that it turned to militias but also to the terrorist organizations. Turkey then has become a big supporter to these organizations with its military troops that attack the Syrian army on the ground.

It is worth noting that Turkish movement to support Nusra Front comes after the big progress of the Syrian army in the control operations on Aleppo-Damascus Highway. Having fully secured the east of the highway in Aleppo countryside, it continues to secure its west to take control over the villages of Shikh Ali, Arnaz, and Arada that are all west the highway.

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