Russian comments on US intervention in Idlib and a source clarifies Erdogan crisis

Spokesman of the Russian presidency, Dmitry Peskov, said it is not possible to talk about US direct intervention in Idlib currently.

Peskov added it is not about the Syrian dispute at large but about implementing Sochi agreement and the commitments of the parties in this document in response to a question about the potential US intervention in Idlib as requested by Turkey. Turkish President, Recep Teyyip Erdogan and Turkish Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar had already requested tangible support from the US and NATO states to help the Turkish troops in Idlib after Turkey found out about the determination of the Syrian army to resume military operations against Nusra Front and Takfiri factions despite the Turkish direct support.

An SDC well-informed source said Erdogan did not expect the Syrian army reaction towards the Turkish troops and found himself embroiled in the risk of slipping into a direct military confrontation with the Syrian army and Russia. The Turkish military incursion in Idlib has not been supported internationally.

The source added that Turkey started to look for support to its military presence in Idlib so it asked the US and NATO for help. However, US National Security Advisor, Robert O’Brien declared it is unlikely that the US would intervene in Idlib and pointed out that the Syrian army targeted the Turkish troops so will the US play the role of the international police in the region and land on Idlib with parachutes?

The NATO had a similar attitude towards the Turkish requests of help even in an undeclared. The source said NATO would not answer the Turkish request and would not embroil its troops in a battle Turkey alone started, violating even the official stance of the NATO states especially that the Turkish and NATO attitudes appeared clearly in Peace Spring operation in which Turkey insisted on incursion into the areas east Euphrates despite NATO calls to abstain from it.

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