Russian Reconciliation Center reveals details of the confrontation between locals and the US column in Hasaka countryside

Russian Reconciliation Center announced that the US troops shot a 14-year-old boy to death and wounded another civilian in an area in Hasaka.

Chairman of the Russian Reconciliation Center, Major General, Yuri Borinkov, issued a statement saying that a checkpoint of the Syrian army stopped a US military column in an area close to Qamishli where a confrontation between locals and the US soldiers broke out after the US column deviated from its course and stopped at a checkpoint of the Syrian army.

The US opened fire claiming the life of a child and injuring another civilian. Russian soldiers contributed to prevent escalation and push the US column to retreat back to its base.

In turn, Spokesman of the US-led Coalition, Col. Myles Caggins announced that a convoy of the coalition troops was shot with fire in the village of Kherbet Ammo in Qamishli countryside while patrolling close to areas under the control of the Syrian army. Unknowns opened fire at the convoy with light weapons and US soldiers responded as well. Col. Caggins confirmed that the convoy retreated to the base and absorbed the situation.

Local SDC sources confirmed that the US troops entered areas under the control of the Syrian army and attempted to pass through the checkpoint in Kherbet Ammo in a provocative step that led the locals to gather and back the checkpoint in repelling the column. The sources said the locals succeeded in preventing the US column from passage and forced it to retreat back to its base despite the air support and intensive flights of the US aircraft in the airspace of the village to intimidate the locals.

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