Details of the “Israeli” attack on Damascus and Netanyahu’s admiting his failure

Before midnight, the Syrian air defenses has responded to a missile attack by the Israeli forces on the outskirts of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The Syrian military sources said that the Israeli attack was launched from outside the Syrian airspace from the occupied Syrian Golan in particular. It targeted a number of areas in the vicinity of Damascus with more than one missile wave.

The Syrian army’s air defenses, however, responded with high efficiency to the attacks dropping most hostile missiles and diverted others from their course, according to the sources.

The field source also explained that the Israeli attacks were concentrated in the airspace of “Al-Adliya,” “Al-Kiswa,” “Harjala,” and “Al-Muqilbiyya” in Western Ghouta, confirming that the Israeli attack continued for about 25 minutes, during which several rockets were fired, and that the attack did not cause any material or human damages that can be reported in the Syrian airports and military sites.

The Israeli Prime Minister “Benjamin Netanyahu” claimed that the missile attack on the vicinity of the Syrian capital was an attempt to assassinate a leader of the Palestinian “Islamic Jihad” movement whose name was not mentioned, indicating in a press statement that the operation failed.

While the Palestinian “Islamic Jihad” movement has issued a statement in which it stated that two of its members had lost their lives in the Israeli attack on the vicinity of the Syrian capital, saying that “Salim Ahmed Salim” 24 years, and “Ziad Ahmed Mansour” 23 years have lost their lives yesterday following the Israeli attack, which the movement described as a “title” of the Israeli forces failure and their inability to confront “Al-Quds Brigades” fighters inside the Palestinian territories.

It is noteworthy mentioning that the last Israeli attack on Syrian soil took place on the fifth of February, targeting “Al-Kiswa”, “Marj Al-Sultan” and “Baghdad Bridge” in the vicinity of Damascus, and the Syrian army announced at that time that it had confronted most of the attacking missiles.

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