Russian intelligence report on the “White Helmets” and details of its link to Britain

Russian intelligence disclosed the Syrian opposition organization of the "White Helmets" is linked to intelligence of the West. The "White Helmets" claims practicing humanitarian acts only in the areas under the control of the militants.

Sergei Naryshkin, Russian director of foreign intelligence service, said on Wednesday that the West intelligence supports the “White Helmets” to wage a media war against Syria and pointed out that information of the Syrian army responsibility for a chemical attack in Douma in Damascus Ghouta was spread two years ago as a planned misleading supported by the West.

Naryshkin stated Russia, with the help of Syrian journalists, could later prove these allegations over the use of chemical weapons wrong and is an allegation that the “White Helmets” made.

Naryshkin said the “White Helmets” is funded by the British intelligence in particular and is doing tasks of spreading misleading information against Syria and the Syrian army.

Reports of OPCW investigators who visited the field in Douma are at variance with the “White Helmets” official report. OPCW reports say the alleged missiles were placed manually on the sites rather than thrown from aircraft. In addition, chlorine percentages in the field do not exceed the ones used at households for cleaning purposes.

The assassination of the British intelligence officer, James Le Mesurier, last October in Istanbul revealed his involvement in establishing the “White Helmets” and training its members. He was assassinated because he had information and secrets of the organization and the nature of its work and aims. Promoters for the organization use the humanitarian aspect of the organization as a cover for its links to Nusra Front and its allies. The “White Helmets” only works in areas under the control of Nusra Front and helps them in their battles against the Syrian army.

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