The Syrian Army stopped “Saraqib” attack, and costs Turkey 33 soldiers in Idlib

The Syrian army continued to confront the militants of "Al-Nusrah Front" and its Turkish-backed allies on the axis of the city of "Saraqib" in the southern countryside of Idlib

Field sources stated to the “Syrian Documentation Center” that the Syrian army forces responded to the armed groups who infiltrated towards “Saraqib” with Turkish artillery coverage, noting that Turkey is trying to intimidate and exaggerate the size of the Syrian army’s losses, to cover the failure to achieve what “Erdogan” boasted of Idlib after the army’s victories over the terrorist organizations, as the Syrian forces responded to a double attack by militants and Turks while ignoring the reality of the heavy losses that the attackers receive in lives and equipment.

The Syrian Army is determined to pursue the implementation of its national duties in defense of the entire Syrian territory.

The Turkish forces that provide military and fire support to “Al-Nusrah” militants and the Takfiri factions with them to launch attacks against the Syrian army incurred heavy losses yesterday, as the Turkish Ministry of Defense recognized the killing of 33
Turkish soldiers and wounding 32 others in Idlib while they were present to support Al-Nusrah” militants.

The spokesman for the Russian presidency, “Dmitry Peskov” said that the dead Turkish soldiers were in the areas where the terrorists were present, and confirmed that Turkey did not inform the Russian side of the presence of its soldiers in these areas despite his repeated requests about that, indicating that the tasks of the Turkish observation points in the area of reduction of escalation in Idlib prevented the terrorists from carrying out terrorist acts and hostile actions against the Syrian and Russian military installations, but the Turks did not implement this.

At the same time, despite the heightened intensity of “Ankara” threats after the strike that its forces received in Idlib, the Syrian Army continued its military operations in the area and took control of 5 new villages between the southern Idlib countryside and the northern Hama.

After the Syrian army took control of “Kafranbel”, “Jabal Shahshabo”, “Kafr A’wid”, “Al-Ankawi and“ Sher Maghar ”, units of the army also have extended their control over“ Mansoura”, “Al-Ziyara l”, “Khirbet Naqus” and “Wasel” and “New Zayzoun” in the northwestern countryside of Hama, which is connected to the southern countryside of Idlib, after violent battles with “Al-Nusrah” militants and their allies, and causing them loss of equipment and lives, while army units continued to pursue the militants towards “Kansafra”, south of Idlib.

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