Russia: Erdogan’s statements are baseless and the Syrian missile systems are being repaired

The Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement in which it described the statements of Turkish President "Recep Tayyip Erdogan" as unfounded and bear a lot of exaggeration.

The Russian Ministry responded to Erdogan’s statements about the destruction of 8 air defense missile systems for the Syrian Army in Idlib through attacks of the Turkish drones in early March, as inaccurate estimates.

The statement stated that the estimates submitted to the Turkish president about the ability of unmanned aircraft to destroy Syrian anti-aircraft missile systems were incorrect and largely overrated, noting that the main forces of the Syrian Army’s air defense systems are mainly stationed in the Damascus region and its countryside and not in Idlib, including the “Pantzer” systems mentioned in Erdogan’s statements.

The Russian statement indicated that the Syrian combat units in Idlib are covered by 4 air defense systems, and not 8, as Erdogan said, pointing out that only two of the systems were exposed to some damage as a result of the Turkish attacks by drones, at the time they are almost finalized, to get them back in service.

An informed source said to the “Syrian Documentation Center” that Erdogan’s exaggeration in talking about targeting Syrian missile systems, or what he said about targeting thousands of fighters from the Syrian Army, comes within the framework of his attempts to cover up his losses in Idlib, whether at the field or on the political level, where he failed to achieve any of his goals despite the introduction of significant military reinforcements to Idlib to support “Al-Nusrah” militants and their allies, while the fighting stopped without any Turkish gains or enabling the militants who support them to recover any of the areas that the Syrian Army has recently took under its control.

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