What is the truth about the United Nations’ support for Al-Nusra, despite the latter’s classification as a terrorist organization?

The activities of the "White Helmets" elements, known as the so-called civil defense, continue to trade in Syrian blood, falsifying facts and exploiting them through international forums with direct American-Turkish support. The team of "Syrian Documentation Center" was able to reach new evidences proving the involvement of these two countries in supporting the organization which is directly affiliated to Al-Nusra Front, despite its inclusion on the list of international terrorism.

What is the truth about the United Nations’ support for Al-Nusra, despite the latter’s classification as a terrorist organization?

The “Syrian Documentation Center” team was able to reach one of the headquarters of the “White Helmets” in Aleppo western countryside, specifically “Bala” village which was recently liberated by the Syrian army and allied forces. In this village, the headquarters of “Al-Nusra” leader called “Abu Muhammad Al-Jolani” was found in a stone quarry located at a depth of / 30 / meters underground, and inside the headquarters were found maps of “Al-Nusra” military operations towards the areas of the Syrian army and civilians in Aleppo and Idlib.

The headquarter of the “White Helmets”, the human arm and the polishing tool of al-Qaeda in Syria, was found only 500 meters away, and aside from the location of this headquarters adjacent to Al-Jolani’s, writings by “White Helmets” elements were seen on its walls to appeal to humanitarian officials in the United Nations to stop Idlib battle led by the Syrian army with its allies against terrorism under a unified “hashtag” titled “The World is Watching” (#Theworldiswatching).

The followings are the names of the personalities that were present in the writings, and whose personal information was accessed after a simple search by the “Syrian Documentation Center” team on the Internet:

Jan Egeland:

Norwegian diplomat, political scientist and previous humanitarian and political leader in the Labor Party.

phumzile mlambo

A South African politician and UN official, she is currently the Executive Director of UN-Women at the level of Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations.

David Wright Miliband

British political analyst, the head and CEO of the International Rescue Committee

Mark Lowcock

These personalities were seen in several videos under the hashtag #Theworldiswatching that was circulated on social media to appeal for stopping Idlib battle led by the Syrian army with Russian air support against terrorist organizations such as “Al-Nusra Front”, “Ajnad Al-Kavkas” and other factions supported by Turkey and the United States. It is noticed that the propaganda campaign, that was circulated through the social media, received great support and promotion by the propaganda companies that support and partner with “White Helmets” such as “Syria Relief”, “People in Need” and others


In light of this direct appeal from those personalities, and receiving information that confirms their visit to the headquarters of the “White Helmets” earlier despite their knowledge of the presence of the headquarters of “Al-Jolani” at a close distance, this confirms that the “international” figures were in direct relationship with “Al-Nusra” and its leader, and this shuts the door on doubt about the direct support of the United Nations staff to the “White Helmets” and “Al-Nusra”, despite knowing that it is classified as one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world, while the United Nations claims its humanity towards the Syrians.

kelly craft
kelly craft

One method is still being pursued by the White Helmets since its establishment in /2013/ by its supporters, such as the USA, Britain and Turkey, in terms of claiming humanity, but the new thing is the great development in the propaganda campaign by making appeals from areas controlled by “Al Qaeda” directly to the United Nations to form a false image intended to get the sympathy of the public and internal opinion of the supportive countries in order to implement the American agendas in the region.


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