UNICEF calls upon Turkey to stop cutting water and using it for political gains

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has expressed its rejection of the practices of the Turkish authorities and the Turkish-backed factions, for them cutting off the water feeding the city of Al-Hasakah and the area of "Tal Tamer" in its western countryside.

UNICEF calls upon Turkey to stop cutting water and using it for political gains

The organization said in its statement that such practices are putting the lives of more than half a million civilians at risk, especially at a time when the world is fighting to confront the “Coronavirus” to prevent its spreading.

The representative of “UNICEF” in Syria, “Fran Ekitha” said in an official statement that “Alouk” water station was again subjected to disruption, in a final step in a series targeting the water supply centers of the city and neighboring towns.

“Ikitha” added that cutting water to civilians in these circumstances coinciding with efforts and precautionary measures to deal with the Coronavirus and puts children and their families at greater risk because the most important sterilization steps against the virus is washing hands.

The representative of “UNICEF” noted that the “Alouk” station is a major source of water for at least 460 thousand people from the city of Al-Hasaka and its nearby countryside noting that obtaining a safe and reliable source of water is an important matter in the current stage to ensure that children and their families don’t seek unsafe water sources.

“Ikitha” demanded not to use water sources and stations to achieve military and political objectives, because the children would be among the first affected, pointing out that “UNICEF” and its partners provide civilians in Al-Hasakah and the displaced family camps by water trucks, but that these quantities can barely cover the minimum needs, when the other water supply is cut off.

A local source told the “Syrian Documentation Center” that the water outage in Al-Hasakah continued for the third day in a row, despite fears and warnings of the spread of Coronavirus and the importance of providing water for hygiene and sterilization procedures in a new violation of the rights of Syrian civilians.

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