Maintenance workshops restore water to Hasaka after a Russian Turkish agreement

Maintenance workshops were able to enter Uluk water station which provides Hasaka and its surroundings with water after Russian Turkish agreements.

Maintenance workshops restore water to Hasaka after a Russian Turkish agreement

An SDC field source said maintenance workshops entered the water station and pumped water into reservoirs in order to provide all residential areas in Hasaka and surroundings with water after a 3-day period when water was cut along with increasing fears of coronavirus.

The sources said Turkish Russian agreements resulted in allowing the maintenance workshops to enter the water station on Wednesday morning to operate it and pump water into reservoirs to provide residential areas with water according to the rationing program.

The source said Hasaka Council conveys water to people’s homes by tanks as an emergency solution with amounts between 200 and 300 cubic meters until Uluk water station is back into service in addition to preparing 8 water wells to bring potable water and make it available for domestic use for civilians.

In turn, “self-administration” northeast Syria looked for alternative sites to drill water instead of Uluk water station which has become under the control of the Turkish forces and their loyal factions. Water has been cut several times. A site at al-Homeh area was chosen to drill water. Drilling 50 wells is underway to provide about 13 cubic meters of water per hour with an average of 600 cubic meters for all wells. “Self-administration” promised to get the project ready in a period of no more than a month.

Four days ago, members of Turkish troops and their loyal factions broke into Uluk water station, dismissed all workers and cut water supply from Hasaka and its near countryside. Russia reached an agreement with Turkey to return the workers to the station and pump water, especially within the warnings of the outbreak of coronavirus and precautionary measures against infections.

UNICEF had already asked Turkish government to stop cutting water supply since it poses a big risk of coronavirus on lives of children and their families and the need for water as a means of keeping clean is urgent.

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