The international coalition is withdrawing from its second base in Iraq

A security source close to the "Syrian Documentation Center" revealed that the US-led "international coalition" decided to withdraw its forces from the "Qayyarah" air base in Nineveh Governorate, northern Iraq, after withdrawing from the "Al-Qaim" military base on the border with Syria.

The international coalition is withdrawing from its second base in Iraq

The source confirmed that the “coalition” forces will hand over the bases to the Iraqi forces, noting that the withdrawals began, as the aircraft began transporting the logistics of the coalition forces at the base until the completion of the withdrawal.

The head of the Security Council and the defense in the Iraqi parliament, “Mohamed Reda,” said today in press statements that the ability of the Iraqi forces will not be affected by the withdrawal of the coalition forces, particularly the American forces, from their bases in Iraq, pointing out that the withdrawing forces have no role on the ground.

“Reda” added that the main reason for the withdrawal of the American forces is the Iraqi parliament’s decision to remove the foreign forces from the country, pointing to the presence of other withdrawals in the coming period, while it does not seem certain whether the withdrawal will include the “Ayn al-Assad” bases in Al Anbar, and “Harir” in Erbil, he explained that the withdrawal from these two bases might be delayed.

The French forces had previously left the Iraqi territories after coordination with the Iraqi government, the Iraqi security forces took over the “Al-Qaim” base on the borders with Syria, within the framework of the coalition’s plans to relocate its forces in the region by sending some of the forces to the American bases in Syria, and sending others to Kuwait.

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