Popular protests against Al-Nusra on the rise in Idlib and new appearance of Al-Julani

Protests against the Al-Nusra Front in Idlib continues with a large number of demonstrations taking place in many areas of the city.

Popular protests against Al-Nusra on the rise in Idlib and new appearance of Al-Julani

Yesterday, a demonstration took place at night in Arihah town in the western Idlib countryside. The protesters raised slogans against Al-Nusra and against “Abu Muhammad Al-Julani”. Another demonstration took place in “Kafr Takharim” in the northern Idlib countryside near the Syrian-Turkish border.

The demonstrators gathered in”Kafr Takharim” and launched slogans against Al-Nusra after one of their gunmen killed one of the protesters in “Ma’rat Elnaasan” according to a source for the Syrian Documentation Center.

The protesters went to the police station in “Kafr Takharim”, which is controlled by “Al-Nusra” gunmen and removed some of the “Al-Nusra” flags from the front of the police station.

The Al Nusra front militants in the police station didn’t react front of the demonstrators after strict instructions from their leadership to don’t react violently against protesters to avoid an escalation in the area.

The leader of “Al-Nusra” “Abu Muhammad al-Julani” tried to confort it’s troops and supporters through Al Nusra media that he is still in control even if there were many defections recently. For instance, Al Nusra published propaganda pictures showing Al-Julani vising the wounded during the recent confrontations in Idlib, the posts didn’t specify whether the wounded were civilians, “Al-Nusra” gunmen or from other factions.

Protests against Al-Nusra escalated in Idlib due to their repressive policies and practices such as looting civilian properties in the areas under it’s control.

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