Turkey creates a new armed faction in the Syrian north

SDC sources said Turkey is working currently on founding a new armed faction affiliated with it in Syria. Part of the faction will be from the so-called "Independent factions" militants on the condition that it operates in the Syrian north.

Turkey creates a new armed faction in the Syrian north

The Turkish Army started training many militants in order to create the new faction led by Zaher al-Saket who receives immediate support and instructions from Turkish officers.

The sources said the nucleus of the Turkish-backed faction is founded by militants who had already abandoned fighting due to disputes. The faction is expected to be composed of 40,000 militants, part of whom are from the “independent factions.”

Media reports said al-Zaher claimed the mission of the faction is to combat corruption in the Syrian north and said the tasks being under structure now will be to support the “National Army.

“The National Army” is a main party in the dispute between the armed factions in Aleppo northern countryside. The faction started campaigns of raids and arrest against other factions, which sparked clashes between different Turkish-backed factions.

Turkey is founding the new faction a week after the US came out with a similar step northeast Syria with a special military unit of SDF members called Special Units whose mission is to guard oil fields the US is looting there.

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