Greece appoints a special envoy to Syria after 8 years of interruption in relations between the two countries

After diplomatic relations between the two countries had been cut off since 2012, with the start of the war in Syria, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the appointment and dispatch of a special envoy to Syria.

Greece appoints a special envoy to Syria after 8 years of interruption in relations between the two countries

The former ambassador, Tassia Athanasio, was appointed a special envoy to Syria, saying that “the reopening of the Greek embassy in the capital Damascus is a matter of time as the Greek Foreign Ministry stated.

The work of the Greek envoy to Syria will revolve around international diplomacy, humanitarian work, coordination of reconstruction measures. Greece cut diplomatic ties with Syria under American and European Union pressure during the first years of the outbreak of the war in the country.

Greece is not the only country that has been forced to cut ties with Syria. The United States has been pressuring various European and Arab countries to cut contact with Damascus within its policy that relies on international pressure against the Syrian state in favor of the armed groups they are supporting and which are represented by what it called “the interim government”, which is mainly gathering some Gulf countries and individuals, headed by Saudi Arabia.

During the past two years of the Syrian war, sudden shifts arose in the policies of many European and Arab countries which began to restore channels of communication with the Syrian state and to reopen embassies and consulates.

Many countries finally understood reality on the ground after the USA were exposed for their illegitimate interventions in Syria, including supporting terrorists groups and streaking natural ressources of Syria.

The change of international policies towards the restoration of diplomatic relations with Syria has also appeared in the League of Arab States. Many countries called to restore Syria’s seat in the Council, most recently the calls were made by Egypt, Algeria, the Emirates and Iraq after the previous calls of Tunisia, Lebanon and Sudan.

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