Iranian electronic attack had reached Israeli facilities

Israel admitted a serious "cyber" attack on its infrastructure, leading to hold a secret council meeting where the participating ministers were asked to sign secret forms.

Iranian electronic attack had reached Israeli facilities

Israel claimed that the attack did not cause a significant damage, and the defect was limited to water installations in some local councils.

Israeli media sources reported that the attack may have affected security networks within the government, which necessitated holding the emergency meeting secretly.

Israeli officials said that : they “did not expect such an attack by the Iranians,” stressing that “such a thing should not happen, and it is at a high level of seriousness.”

Israel and the United States of America are putting pressures on the European Union countries to force Iran to withdraw its forces from Syria.

Iran was and is still considered one of the main allies of Syria during the Syrian war years.

The Syrian-Iranian alliance is not limited to the confrontation of terrorism, armed groups and the restoration of the unity of the Syrian soil only, but it also extends to the same goal that the two sides share, which is the unified stance that Israel is the enemy country and the usurper of the Palestinian and Syrian lands.

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