A Syrian-Lebanese network financing terrorism shut down

On Saturday, the Lebanese army announced the arrest of a group of Lebanese and Syrian citizens specialized in money transfer to finance terrorists abroad.

A Syrian-Lebanese network financing terrorism shut down

They released a statement specifying that “After investigations, the Intelligence Directorate in charge of the file arrested a Syrian resident in Lebanon who was working in a network transfering illegal funds.

The statement added: “The investigations revealed that the aforementioned had sent money transfers outside Lebanon to known terrorists. The convicted confessed his crime and the methods employed to transfer the money from Lebanon, a confession which allowed the Intelligence Directorate to identify the rest of the network.

The group of individuals was covering their transactions through legal offices, companies and an unlicensed online platform operating financial transfers belonging to a company called “Barakat”.

The statement indicated that “the Intelligence Directorate carried out simultaneous raids in 12 different Lebanese regions, arrested 13 Syrians and 3 Lebanese and seized their computers, phones and large amounts of money.”

Since the start of the year, intelligence services from both Syrian and Lebanon arrested many networks of criminals and smugglers between the two countries. These networks are, among other things, specialised in smuggling narcotics like “Captagon” pills and “hashish” hidden in trucks or inside private tourist cars.

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