An Iranian cyberattack targets Israeli websites

On Thursday, several Israeli websites were cyberattacked by Iran, where they hacked hundreds of these websites, and sent threatening messages to “Israel”.

An Iranian cyberattack targets Israeli websites.

According to Israeli media sites, “The Iranian attack was planned and the home pages of the hacked sites have been replaced with a threat message in Hebrew saying: “The countdown to the destruction of Israel began long time ago

“A video was published in other electronic sites where Tel Aviv and several other cities were burning, with many messages in Arabic and Hebrew including threats to the Israeli government, as the 12 Israeli channel confessed.

Yedioth Ahronoth reported that the attacked sites were responsible for ”uPress” services company which commented on the attack by “Early today, we diagnosed a large-scale cyberattack on many of our deposited sites” claiming, “This attack is due to a weak protection in “WordPress” which led to the penetration.

Israel “was exposed two weeks ago to another “cyberattack” that was described as “very dangerous”; it affected the infrastructure of “Israeli” institutions, and led to a disruption of water facilities in several areas at that time.

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