US aircraft burn wheat fields on Trump’s instructions

US media reports said the Apache air attacks by the US troops targeted wheat fields in Syria on Trump's instructions. According to the sources, US President Donald Trump approved the White House orders of targeting wheat fields in al-Shaddadi countryside south Hasaka on Sunday, burning about 200 donoms of wheat fields using thermal balloons.

US aircraft burn wheat fields on Trump’s instructions

UN officials expressed concerns over the US step after this information was leaked as this act would affect food security of civilians, especially in coronavirus crisis.

On Friday, US Apache aircraft targeted agricultural lands in Hasaka countryside. SDC local sources reported that US aircraft launched thermal balloons and flew low over the villages of al-Huwesh Shamali, Tal al-Shair, Um Ghadeer, al-Juwesmyeh, and al-Juaylyeh in Tal Brak and al-Hol in Hasaka southeastern countryside, setting fires in the fields.

The sources reported that the fires gutted 2500 donom of wheat and barley fields. SDF members arrested five people who videotaped and documented the fires and seized their cellphones.

Fears of repeating the scenario of the wheat fires last year prevail in the region. It has been disclosed that the US is responsible for targeting the agricultural lands and the fires of wheat crops that are strategically necessary for the locals and all Syrians at large.

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