Information on opening the “M4” road by Russian mediation from Al-Hasakah side on Monday.

A Russian military official declared that next Monday, “M4” international road will reopen from the side leading to Al Hasakah and the link between northeast Syria, the interior regions and the Syrian coast.

Information on opening the “M4” road by Russian mediation from Al-Hasakah side on Monday.

The Russian official clarified, according to media reports, “80 Km of the road is controlled by the armed Turkish-backed factions including the area of Ras al-Ain. It has been settled after reaching all parts to open the road by Russian mediation.

“The road will be designated for civilians and trading, and Russian patrols will be there, except for Friday, to track down the road and prevent any military provocations on it” stressing “Coordination with the civil administration in Tall Tamr town will be implemented, and it will prevent any military manifestation for any of the forces.

At the same time, a responsible resource in “SDF” assured that what is being negotiated around opening the road saying “Negotiations between the Russian and the Turkish sides to work again on the “M4” road, on the part that connects between Al-Hasaka, Ar-raqqa, and Aleppo,” knowing that this part of the road is stopped since the last Turkish military operation on the Syrian lands.

No official statements by the Syrian and Russian ministries of defense are yet declared around the matter of opening the road, no comment or announcement from Turkey as well. What is certain by the difficulty in case the road opened is not in the workflow but by the ability of Turkey to control the armed factions adherent to it and preventing them from committing any provocations or targeting on the road. After the last experience on “Aleppo-Lattakia” road in specific, which proved the inability of the militants to abide by the concurrent agreements

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