A new survey expects Erdoğan’s defeat in the Turkish Presidential elections

A new survey expects a strong defeat for the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Justice and Development Party in the parliament and presidential elections next week.

A new survey expects Erdoğan’s defeat in the Turkish Presidential elections

According to “Afrasya” institution for social and political studies survey in 26 provinces, 54.6% of the surveyed opinions will vote for the mayor of Istanbul, a member of the Republican People’s Party Ekrem İmamoğlu in case he faces Erdoğan in the presidential elections.

The survey anticipates for Erdoğan to get on 39.7% of the votes in the presidential elections, versus 3.9% for the mayor of Ankara Mansur Yavaş if the election happens between them. The survey also shows that only 34.39% from the participants in the survey will vote for the Justice and Development Party, which causes the Turkish ruling party and its allies to lose the majority in the parliament.

“Very bad” is what 60.1% of the participants described the political situation in Turkey, knowing that another survey was established in the middle of this month on the popularity of the parties in Turkey. It revealed that around 25% of the people who previously voted for the ruling Justice and Development Party are now opposed to it and its policy since the 2018 parliament elections.

Erdoğan’s external intervention policy in a country’s affairs that is witnessing internal conflict serving his own personal interests, was one of the most important reasons that made him lose his loyalists. Especially what happened in the Syrian War made the Turkish Public opinion wonders “Why to send our people to fight in a neighboring country that had strong economic and diplomatic relations with us?”

The Turkish interference in the Syrian matter reversed negatively on Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s popularity after the losses among the Turkish Army during its military operations on the Syrian lands. After the Syrian and the Russian Armies broke the false claims that Erdoğan filled in his citizens’ minds “The Army that never stops” and “”Ottoman glories” that will return in his ruling time, he tried to shift the attention from the defeat and severe losses he had in Syria, to Libya picturing himself as a victor.

The Turkish parties are aware of what Erdoğan created through his years of governing and the negative results that reversed on Turkey socially and financially because of his interfering in the Syrian war. Whether the financial relations that stopped after being considered the strongest in the region, or the issue of the Syrian refugees and the living conditions that are deteriorating in Turkey, or more importantly what Erdoğan caused by showing Turkey to the International Community as country that supports terrorist organizations as “ISIS” and “Al-Nusra Front

These revealed facts to the greater percentage of the Turkish people, led to opposing votes demanding to stop Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s policy and the tensed relationships with the neighboring countries and the International Community. Erdoğan faced these voices of political activists by suppression and arrest during the current year.

The recent published surveys show high expectation that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may not rule for a new term. At the same time, it is not bizarre if Erdoğan invented a scene or followed illegal practices and suppressing polices to make sure he wins the elections. The “Military coup” that he performed earlier is the best example of such acts.

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