Two al-Qaeda leaders killed in an air raid in Syria

Sunday night, an unmanned drone targeted and killed two leaders of Hurras al-Din that is affiliated with al-Qaeda in a car in Idlib countryside.

Two al-Qaeda leaders killed in an air raid in Syria

SDC local sources said that both leaders, Abu al-Qassam al-Ordoni and Bilal al-Sanani were in a Santa Fe car targeted by two missiles.

The source said it is likely that the US-led coalition is behind the air strike as the operation resembled earlier ones using US Ninja missiles against vehicles of extremist leaders in Idlib.

In September, 2019 US Department of State offered a prize up to 5 million dollars for those who provide information that helps to access three Hurras al-Din leaders affiliated with al-Qaeda: the Jordanian Sami al-Uraidi, known as Abu Mohammed al-Shami, leader of the organization, Farouq Assouri, known as Abu Homam al-Shami and the Egyptian, Abdulkareem al-Masri.

Days ago, Hurras al-Din joined a new operation room named Fa Athbito which included several extremist factions that are independent from Nusra Front as a military entity parallel to Nusra Front.

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