SDF admit to Amouda Massacre in Syria in 2013

on Saturday, SDF issued a statement claiming responsibility for the massacre against civilians in Amouda in Hasaka countryside in 2013. Dozens of civilians fell victims to the massacre.

SDF admit to Amouda Massacre in Syria in 2013

SDF spokesman, Nouri Mahmoud, said “What happened on 27 and 28 June, 2013 was a real calamity that harmed our families and must not be repeated in the history of the Kurds.” Mahmoud added that SDF claim responsibility for that “grave mistake that claimed innocent lives.”

SDF statement came a day after commander-in-chief, Mazlum Abdi announced he was ready to “apologize and give moral and material compensations to the affected and relatives of the victims of Amouda massacre” in a meeting between a committee commissioned to reconcile with the locals of the town north Hasaka.

Abdi said SDF approved all items reached by the committee assigned to reconcile YPG and families of the calamity victims and stressed he was “looking forward to solve all issues and remove all obstacles in the way to the Kurdish unity.”

SDF members perpetrated Amouda massacre in late June 2013, killing and wounding civilians after large-scale protests against SDF which had conducted an arrest campaign against a number of civilians and activists on June 27th, 2013.

A security cordon was imposed around Amouda. In order to enter the town, inhabitants had to show SDF their identity cards to prove they were among the inhabitants of the town.

In the evening a demonstration demanded to release the detained. SDF shot live bullets to disperse the demonstrators, killing six people, including children and injuring dozens.

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