Has Washington become the 51st state?

In a vote considered historic, US House of Representatives passed a bill that set Washington to become the 51st state, a move welcomed by Democrats.

Has Washington become the 51st state?

Media agencies reported Democratic Speaker of US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi saying that the aim of turning Washington into a state is to prove their respect to democracy. According to Pelosi, for more than two centuries Washington residents were deprived of the right to share US democracy although they paid taxes and served in the military.

The bill was approved with 232 votes against 180. Democrats supported the bill. It is the first time in US history the Congress has adopted such a kind of bills and the first time since 1993 a vote has been conducted on Washington status.

It is unlikely that the Senate with its Republican majority will pass the bill. The bill gives Washington residents the right to vote equal to all Americans. It is expected that even if the Congress passed the bill, Donald Trump will obstruct it.

According to US politicians, Trump hinted at a political bet which stipulates electing two Senators to represent the state, which may change the power mechanisms in the Congress. Joe Biden tweeted, “DC should be a state.” Republican Representative, Mor Brooks, considered efforts to turn Washington into a state and attempt by the Democrats to gain two more leftist members in the Senate.

The US has 50 states. Washington is a federal district. When the US was established in the 1700s, the ancestors wanted to to make the federal government headquarter outside the first 13 States to avoid disputes. The constitution stimulated setting a district in 1790 that was directly attached to the central authority.

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