A sit-in in Hasaka and a demonstration in Deir Ezzur held against SDF acts

An SDC local source said employees of the Public Institution for Electricity continued their sit-in for the second day and gathered in front of their workplace in al-Nashwa neighborhood in Hasaka City after SDF seized control over the building by force.

A sit-in in Hasaka and a demonstration in Deir Ezzur held against SDF acts

The employees called to neutralize the service centers and support them by all concerned entities in the city, so that the services are provided for citizens in the best form possible. The employees confirmed they will keep on their sit-in until they restore the institution.

This came after SDF seized control over a group of government buildings and institutions, including Public Institution for Electricity and Public Institution for Grains, Sport City, Syrian Association for Informatics, a part of the buildings of Youth Housing Project, Industry Directorate, Tourism Directorate, Ecology Affairs Department, Traffic Department, Civil Records Department, and Trade Bank on Saturday. SDF evicted the employees and closed these buildings with US support.

Locals of Graneej held demonstrations against SDF acts, blocked main streets with inflamed tyres as stores closed. Demonstrators shouted slogans demanding to release the detainees in SDF prisons and to put an end to the haphazard arrest of civilians, the insecurity situation with more kidnaps and theft and the corruption in the local councils of SDF.

Demonstrations are held in several villages and towns in the countrysides of Hasaka, Raqqa and Deir Ezzur against SDF that persist their violations against civilians with the support of the US, ranging from looting the resources to stealing oil and others.

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