“SDF” controls “Al-Sinaa” prison after the disobedience of ISIS detainees.

Members of Syrian Democratic Forces controlled "Al-Sinaa" prison in "Al-Hasakah" city after a disobedience implemented by ISIS organisation detainees.

“SDF” controls “Al-Sinaa” prison after the disobedience of ISIS detainees.

Local sources stated to “Syrian Documentation Center” that members of the organisation yesterday implemented a disobedience inside the prison demanding to let their families visit them and to get a fair trial, where they tried to break the prison walls and gates to create a way to escape from “SDF” members who guards the prison.

According to the sources that “SDF” members faced the disobedience of ISIS detainees with force and fired their weapons at them which caused many casualties among ISIS detainees and that before they were able to take full control of the prison and bringing the detainees to their cells, while International Alliance helicopters were flying in the region coinciding with the tension in the prison.

“SDF” prisons which detains ISIS members witness security tensions and disobedience attempts every now and then, it was confirmed that ISIS detainees succeeded in taking control of some parts of “Al-Sinaa” prison in “Al-Hasakah” last month before they retreated as a result of agreements with “SDF”.

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