Kremlin: Putin to meet Rouhani and Erdogan to discuss the Syrian file

Kremlin announced that President Putin will meet Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani and Turkish President, Recep Teyyip Erdogan on Wednesday to discuss the Syrian file.

Kremlin: Putin to meet Rouhani and Erdogan to discuss the Syrian file

Kremlin pointed out the scheduled meeting will be held through video. The meeting will discuss the situation of the Syrian conflict and Idlib areas. It is also expected to discuss reopening Aleppo-Latakia Highway M4 and the joint Turkish Russian patrols.

The announcement of this meeting at the level of presidents comes two days after the postponement of the talks that were supposed to have been held at the level of ministers of defense and foreign affairs of both Russia and Turkey. Those talks gained much regional and international interest.

At the time, Russia and Turkey did not disclose the reason behind the postponement, but assured that active work continued between both sides and stressed there was no dispute between them as well according to Turkish statements released days after the postponement. The talks were scheduled due to the attacks of the Turkish-backed armed forces on areas under the control of the Syrian army, which was a clear violation to the signed agreement. Meanwhile Turkey had increased the number of its military forces that entered Turkish illegitimate points and bases inside Syria.

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