UNICEF: A child in Syria has been killed every 10 hours due to violence

UNICEF issued a report, saying that a child in Syria has been killed every 10 hours due to violence. The war caused more than two million children to flee away to neighboring countries.

UNICEF: A child in Syria has been killed every 10 hours due to violence

The report also said that as the war in Syria starts its tenth year, “nearly 6 million Syrian children have been born since the crisis began, knowing nothing but war and displacement.” The report described the war in Syria as “one of the most brutal in recent history.”

In the report UNICEF said it “currently needs US$575 million for programmes inside Syria and in neighbouring countries including US$241.2 million for education,” and pointed out that “there are 2.8 million Syrian children out of school,” some of whom have never been to school before.

Hundreds thousands ofm Syrians were displaced either internally into other areas under the control of the Syrian state or to refugee camps at the borders or in neighboring countries because the armed groups took control of or deliberately targeted their areas and homes throughout war years.

Syrian government and its Russian ally, which plays a major role in mediation and basic guarantees, seek to return the displaced home after the Syrian army secured their homes. However, the armed forces and their supporters constantly obstruct the efforts to return the displaced home and prevent them from entrance into areas of the Syrian state.

The situation of the displaced at Rukban Camp on Jordanian borders is a clear evidence of the illegitimate acts. US troops prevent the locals from exiting the camp and do not allow any humanitarian aids to access the camp, which gives way to dire health and living conditions with no serious considerations made by the UN.

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