West countries refuse a Russian suggestion to limit relief access to Syria

West countries in the International Security Council obstructed a Russian draft resolution of entering UN relief to Syria. Four countries voted for the resolution but 7 others voted against it. Four other countries abstained from voting.

West countries refuse a Russian suggestion to limit relief access to Syria

Russian suggestion stipulates limiting the number of border crossings used to enter humanitarian relief into Syria, using only one crossing instead of two and that this mechanism shall be renewed every 6 months, rather than a year.

In a previous session Russia and China vetoed a suggestion given by Germany and Belgium to extend the mechanism of entering UN relief to a year through two border crossings with Turkey. The current commission shall end on Friday amid expectations that another country might present a compromise suggestion. However, in case it was refused, all relief access into Syria through crossings outside the control of the Syrian government without prior approval of Damascus would stop. Russia and China believe all access shall be made through the Syrian government as it has regained control over most of the territories and that there is no need to enter the aids through illegitimate crossings.

An SDC diplomatic source said rejecting the Russian suggestion indicates these countries do not care about civilians, which means west countries politicize the entrance of the humanitarian aids and turn it into an argumentation.

The source said the Syrian government has been clearly able to move on convoys and aids to all Syrian areas but the real obstacle is the presence of terrorist organizations in some Syrian areas rather than the presence of the legitimate government.

Access of humanitarian aids to Syria through the borders started in 2015 through four crossings that are Yarubiya with Iraq, Ramtha with Jordan, and Bab al-Hawa and Bab al-Salameh with Turkey. Upon a Chinese Russian request, only the two latter crossings have been used.

West countries refuse a Russian suggestion to limit relief access to Syria

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