For the first time… Trump admits about the cyber attack on Russia

The American president Donald Trump admits for the first time that the United States secretly cyber attacked the Russian internet agencies in 2018, claiming that it is related to presidential elections back then.

For the first time… Trump admits about the cyber attack on Russia

Trump claims that “the attack was a result of the Russian agency interfering with the presidential elections in 2016 and the midterm elections of Congress in 2018”, adding that “Barack Obama was acknowledged that Russia is hovering around the United States, or has been notified with this”.

Trump clarifies that “Obama decided to not deal with this issue, because he thought that Hillary Clinton is more likely to win, based on the surveys”, considering this surveys as deceptive and that the silent majority said we want Trump, according to him.

“Washington Post” pointed out that in 2018 a cyber attack happened against the Russian company, that there is no official evidence to assure the situation until the latest confession by Trump justifying the attack because they interfered with the elections.

It is not strange that Trump puts his failure, crimes and violations of the international law on the back of the countries that disagree with his policies, fabricating charges against them which is not only a foreign policy, but also reach the latest internal events that came with a mad protests in all the American cities against racism, Trump put the responsibility on the states governors for “not suppressing it and dealing with it using force”.

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