Russia: “a report for the OPCW about Syria is politicized… and the western countries make the organisation paralyzed”

Russia assured that the report about Syria is "a politicized thing", warning from "a paralyzing is this organisation work is happening because of the western countries policies".

Russia: “a report for the OPCW about Syria is politicized… and the western countries make the organisation paralyzed”

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman “Maria Zakharova” said: “the western countries worked in an active picture during the last course of the organisation on adopting the first report for the investigation team and marking the special facts in the events in Latamenah city in Syria 2017, which accuse the Syrian forces of using chemical weapons against civilians in the region”.

Zakharova pointed out that “Russia continuously clarified for the organisation based on a wide base of facts that this report is incorrect, politicized and weak for the professional and technical point of view”.

Zakharova insisted that “the investigation and fact revealing team which was created by the United States initiative, is an illegal form controlled by the western countries and representing a geopolitical project that targets the position of the Syrian government”, continued by saying “this damaging and evil process is raising our indignation, while Russia issued a statement cooperating with a big group of responsible members of the international community warning from politicising the activities of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons”.

Zakharova pointed out that “it is necessary that the organisation do not remain a hostage for the countries that impose its misleading and narrow agendas on, it is possible that the organisation finds itself paralyzed in case of not putting a limit for this countries”.

America practices every now and then its pressures on the organisation to put the allegations and fake reports in front of the international scene about the Syrian government using chemical weapons during the war, while dozens of investigations and reports proved that the Syrian army has nothing to do with this attacks which was shown that “Al-Nusra front” and “The White Helmets” is behind this attacks, where “the plays” were filmed by them claiming being under a chemical attack, showing in it the civilians and children is forced to act as dead and injured.

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