“Al-Nusra” arrested a college dean in Idlib after killing threats being received

Special sources in Idlib stated to "Syrian Documentation Centre" that "Al-Nusra Front" armed members arrested the professor "Muslim al-Yousef" the faculty of law dean in the University Shahba own northern Idlib.

“Al-Nusra” arrested a college dean in Idlib after killing threats being received

According to the sources “al-Yousef” before being arrested he received killing threats by unknown sources supposedly affiliated with “Al-Nusra”, where he refused orders by Al-Nusra in Idlib university which resulted in moving him to University Shahba own which is controlled by Al-Nusra.

One of the master degree students in the university mentioned that he received an official invitation to finish his message which was supervised by professor “al-Yousef” to present it to the university, but he was surprised when he came to the appointment as he did not find the supervising professor which pushed him to call him and ask him why he is absence then “al-Yousef” told him he did not know about the invitation.

This incident caused “al-Yousef” to go to the dean of the faculty of law in Idlib university to ask him about what happened, which turned into a verbal fight between the two them “al-Yousef” left the university last Thursday.

A special source stated to “Syrian Documentation Centre” that “al-Yousef” received killing threats after that, as he found written messages on his door threatening to kill him if he did not leave the university, as unknown personnel launched a rumour that he lost his life in a car accident and after that he received a written message threatening to kill him.

After a chain of threats, Al-Nusra armed members implemented an arresting operation for “al-Yousef” where he had been brought to a unknown destination in Idlib without revealing his destiny or the his accusations, as the sources clarified that “al-Yousef” have a good reputation among his students.

It has been mentioned that “Al-Nusra Front” is controlling all the institutions in Idlib and arrest anyone who disagrees with its orders.

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