Turkey to stop excavations east Mediterranean

Tuesday, spokesman of Turkish presidency, Ibrahim Kalin, declared Turkey intended to stop excavations for oil and energy resources east Mediterranean for some time, awaiting measures of talks with Greece and areas of excavations.

Turkey to stop excavations east Mediterranean

Kalin pointed out that President Recep Teyyip Erdogan requested suspension of all excavation activities for oil east Mediterranean for a specific period of time as a method for negotiation.

Kalin confirmed Turkey resumes talks with Greece and is ready for all files without preconditions. However, Cyprus talks shall be held in a simultaneous and parallel way to those talks.

The tension between Turkey and Greece is increasing. Turkey deliberately excavates for oil in areas it supposed are within its continental shelf. However, these areas belong, in fact, to Greece and are within its territorial waters.

Short time ago, Turkey deployed its excavation vessels along with military protection, which spurred Athens to threaten Turkey to take measures that ensure protection of its territorial waters in case Turkish vessels stayed. Thus, Turkey withdrew its vessels, keeping a single vessel anchored outside Antalya without entering the territorial waters of Athens.

Turkish caused regional tensions over its acts east Mediterranean area that are based on exercising power and intervention into other countries affairs with the purpose of excavating oil illegitimately. These tensions increased, especially regarding the Libyan issue and the Turkish support for the GNA to put into force contracts that are not recognized internationally over oil and gas exploration opposite Libyan coasts

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