Iran: The investigation of the Mahan plane interception incident is in the hands of a Syrian committee.

The Director-General of the Iranian Aviation Organization's accident investigation office, Hassan Rezaei Far, said that the Syrian government takes responsibility of investigating the interception of the American fighting aircraft of the "Mahan", by American fighters over the Syrian sky last Saturday.

Iran: The investigation of the Mahan plane interception incident is in the hands of a Syrian committee.

Razaei Fer pointed that the Syrian aviation corporation is investigating the incident of intercepting the “Mahan” plane that was traveling on the international flight path in the Syrian sky, after the injury of numbers of passengers and members of the plane’s crew.

Far indicated that the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority had sent the necessary information to Syria, where the accident occurred, based on the documents annexed to the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation Rules, while the Syrian Aviation Accident Investigation Committee officially began investigating the circumstances of the accident.

The Iranian committee has called on the French Incident Investigation Committee to cooperate in this regard, for it represents the designing country for the plane, and Rezaei Far assured that Syria will publish the specialized report on the accident at the end of the investigations, indicating that the Iranian committee will review the final report before issuing it, and will provide the Syrian side with the necessary documents and the black box of the plane, provided that the report will be sent to the Relevant international bodies including the “International Civil Aviation Organization” to make the necessary legal arrangements in this regard.

On Saturday, an American fighting jet intercepted an Iranian civilian plane in the Syrian airspace while traveling to Beirut, coming from Tehran, which forced the plane’s crew to change course and led to injuries among passengers, in flagrant violation of international agreements and laws.

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