Syrian Ministry of Health warns of coronavirus and confirms unregistered infections

Syrian Ministry of Health calls citizens to be very careful and take precautions against the current situation of coronavirus pandemic in Syria.

Syrian Ministry of Health warns of coronavirus and confirms unregistered infections

In a statement issued on Thursday, Ministry of Health stressed the importance of social distancing, avoiding crowded places, and wearing masks, especially for older people who suffer from diabetes, heart and lung problems as well as other chronic diseases.

The ministry stated coronavirus cases are increasing in Syria. 717 cases have been registered in 10 governerates so far. It has been 6 months since WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic of worldwide concern. Two days ago, WHO declared COVID-19 the most dangerous health emergency at all, especially after the total exceeded 16.5 million cases around the world.

Syrian Ministry of Health declared the registered cases are the ones who were PCR tested along with cases that had no symptoms. The Ministry said it lacks the ability to do public tests due to the economic blockade imposed on Syria that affected the health sector, which makes it even more important to taken precautionary measures to curb the outbreak, especially during Eid Al-Adha occasion when family relatives usually pay visits and share coffee and hubble bubble and greet each other with hugs.

Syrian Ministry of Health called all citizens to act responsibly, avoid gatherings and simply congratulate each other on Eid al-Adha on the phone instead of paying visits for the purpose of public safety.

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