Akidat Tribe spokesman assassinated in Deir Ezzur, Syria

An SDC local source reported that on Thursday morning, unknowns on a motorcycle shot spokesman of Akidat Tribe, Soleiman al-Hamadeh outdoors in al-Kassar village in al-Basirah town in Deir Ezzur eastern countryside which lies under the control of SDF. Although al-Hamadeh was taken to emergency units, he died immediately because of his injury.

Akidat Tribe spokesman assassinated in Deir Ezzur, Syria

The source explained al-Hamadeh used to be head of al-Bakeer Clan committee in Akidat Tribe and the spokesman of the tribe as well. No authority has claimed responsibility for the assassination so far. Indications point accusations against ISIS cells deployed in the area.

SDF had already carried out a security campaign with the help of international coalition, claiming to track ISIS cells in Deir Ezzur eastern countryside. However, assassinations and insecurity have still been prevalent.

SDC sources reported that the security campaign, in fact, targeted civilians who opposed SDF policies in the area, rather than ISIS cells which were never affected by the campaign. SDF claimed it arrested an ISIS leader and other members. Assassinating al-Hamadeh, who had wide relations with SDF refuted such claims.

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