“SDF” impose a curfew in its controlled regions until a further notice

"SDF" announced imposing a curfew in its controlled regions since the first day of Eid al-Adha, on Friday 31-7-2020 and until a further notice.

“SDF” impose a curfew in its controlled regions until a further notice

Sources stated to “Syrian Documentation Centre” that “SDF imposed a curfew to protect people from Corona virus, except for the emergency situations only, knowing that most of the people refused the decision especially in Al-Hasakah”.

The sources explained that “the decision refusal situation came because that the timing of this curfew during Eid al-Adha is wrong, where the people see that the decision came on purpose to prevent people from performing Eid practices by offering sacrifices and distributing it, especially that it was possible to implement this decision after Eid”.

“SDF” issued a decision to prevent social gathering and doing occasions of any kind along with closing swimming pools, public parks, restaurants and even places of worship, adding to suspend work in training centres and kindergartens that belongs to SDF.

It has been mentioned and according to what “SDF” had announced, the total number of Corona virus cases in “SDF” controlled regions reached 6 cases including 3 in Qamishli, 2 in al-Hasakah and one case in Al-Malikiyah.

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