The Turkish army assaults a village in al-Hasakah countryside

Sources stated to "Syrian Documentation Centre" about the Turkish army targeting on Thursday "al-Tawila" in al-Hasakah countryside using artillery which caused material damage in a new aggression and another violation for the agreements about the ceasefire.

The Turkish army assaults a village in al-Hasakah countryside

The sources mentioned that “the Turkish army heavy artillery targeted Al-Tawila village located by the international highway (al-Hasakah – Aleppo M4) in a new violation for the agreements intending to create tension in the region”.

The sources assured that “the artillery targeting was from “al-Arisha” village side which is under the control of the Turkish affiliated groups, located south west of “al-Tawila” village, which caused material damage in the village houses, without any injuries”.

The Turkish forces had committed two days ago a new massacare against civilians in “Manbij” which caused 6 family members loss including children as the Turkish forces targeted “Kourt weran” village north west “Manbij” using heavy artillery and missile strikes, knowing that the aggression came from the illegal Turkish military base located in “al-Shekh Naser” village.

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