More than 5800 Americans gave up their citizenship because of Trump.

The New York City-based Bambridge Acquisitions Company published a statistic according to which more than 5,800 Americans gave up their nationalities in the first six months of this year, compared to the 2,072 citizens in the whole of 2019, due to policies of their president Trump.

More than 5,800 Americans gave up their citizenship because of Trump.

At a time when many around the world dream of obtaining the American citizenship, the company, which is specialized in the expatriate census in the United States.

Revealed an increase in the number of Americans who gave up their nationality this year and the partner of the company, “Alistair Bambridge”, indicated that these people have already left the United States.

Bambridge attributes the reason why Americans have gave up their to the policies of the President Donald Trump, and how his administration deals with the Coronavirus pandemic.

As well as to political and economic decisions in the United States at the present time.

Bambridge said : while many people who have renounced their citizenship are complaining about their dissatisfaction with the current political climate in the United States.

Another reason was behind their decision, which is the high taxes, as American citizens who live abroad still have to submit tax returns every year, and report on their foreign bank accounts, investments, and pensions.

Americans who want to renounce their nationality must pay 2350 dollars, and come in person to the US embassy in the country in which they live if they are abroad.

The company expects that America will witness a continuous rise towards its citizens giving up their nationality, pointing out that there are many who are waiting for the US presidential elections in November to see what will happen and act accordingly.

And it is likely that if Trump is re-elected, there will be another wave of people who will decide to give up their nationality.

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