The Syrian People’s Council elects its president and members of its office

Hammouda Al-Sabbagh won the presidency of the Syrian People's Assembly by acclamation, during today's session, to regain his position in the presidency of the Council as it was during the previous session.

The Syrian People’s Council elects its president and members of its office

Also by acclamation, Muhammad Akram Al-Ajlani won the position of Vice President of the Council to be a substitute for the member of the Council, “Najdat Anzour”.

In its first special session, the Council chose both “Salloum Al-Salloum” and “Maysa Al-Saleh” to be the secretaries of the Council, succeeding the two deputies, Rami Saleh. And Khaled Al-Aboud.

The Parliament members “Suleiman Al-Abrash” and “Fayza Al-Athba” were elected to the post of observers to the Council instead of “Atef Al-Zeebak” and “Sanaa Abu Zaid”.

After the rest of the recently elected members of the People’s Assembly completed the swearing.

Yesterday, more than half of the members performed the ceremonies of the constitutional oath, amid measures of social distancing to prevent the Coronavirus.

The president of the People’s Assembly, “Hammouda Al-Sabbagh”, thanked the former members of the council’s bureau for being a good hand for him for the last three years.

Adding that the presidency of the parliament was just a small corner of the fellowship.

Directing his speech to the members of the Council, saying: “I am your colleague before being President of the People’s Assembly, and I see this position as a task above a mission, and both of them neglect as long as the goal is to serve the country and the citizen”.

Al-Sabbagh added that the council’s relationship with the executive authority is undoubtedly complementary without compromising the goals, participatory and cooperative without being silent about mistakes.

Pointing out that the people expect the council’s members to be worthy of the trust that they grant them.

It is noteworthy that the Council’s office is elected for a period of one year beginning from the date of its election, and is re-elected in the first session of the Parliament after the end of the term.

Provided that the Council’s office continues to perform its duties until a new office is elected in accordance with Article 29 of the Council’s bylaw.

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