Raqqa clans call to unify Arab tribes against the US and SDF

Arab clans in Raqqa called to unify efforts of the Arab tribes throughout Syrian Jazeera to face SDF and US forces to get them out of the region.

Raqqa clans call to unify Arab tribes against the US and SDF

During the “Syrian National Conference,” one of the notables of Sabkha-Bushaaban clan, Sheikh Mohammed al-Abboud, described some statements made by representatives of Arab clans who support SDF and the US as “betrayal to the real Arab interests and the legislative authority in the Syrian Arab Republic.”

Al-Abboud added that SDF continues repressing the inhabitants of Syrian Jazeera region on the US instructions. The only thing the US cares about is to steal Syrian oil, gas and riches. Al-Abboud pointed out that SDF continues coercive recruitment to put them in confrontation against their own people to repress Arab uprising against SDF.

Al-Abboud called Arab tribes in Syria to fight all forms of offensive on Syria and unify all tribes all over Syria and that Arab clans in Raqqa and Hasaka hold a historic protest against the illegitimate SDF entity to restore the territories, security and peace.

The conference members reiterated Syrians are concerned over the people’s integrity and sovereignty and unity of Syrian soil, rejecting all forms of foreign interventions into the Syrian affairs. The conference members also reiterated supporting the Syrian army and the permanent aims of the Syrian government to find a solution to the crisis politically through dialogue and support to the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad to confront war against Syria.

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