Al-Nusra prevents a number of media outlets from operating within its areas of control

Al-Nusra front prohibited journalists belonging to certain media outlets from working, stressing that its leaders, members and councils shouldn't deal with them at all, in a decision aimed at restricting freedom of press and controlling media to prevent exposing the corruption that exists in the organization, along with the violations and crimes it commits.

Al-Nusra prevents a number of media outlets from operating within its areas of control

SDC sources reported that the organization, in its decision, prohibited completely the work of journalists and media workers affiliated with “Al-Aan” TV channel and “Step News Agency” within all areas under its control. The organization also stressed that its leaders and “local councils” should never give them any information or statements.

The sources said that “Al-Nusra Front” imposes many restrictions and conditions on media personnels working within the areas it controls, as every journalist needs a license from the “Salvation Government” affiliated with the organization in order to do his/her job.

The decision to prohibit the work of journalists is linked to many media reports that were recently published revealing the corruption within the ranks of the organization and the crimes and abuses it commits, which the “Syrian Documentation Center” has talked about, but it seems that exposing these practices has reached the point of a media coup against Al-Nusra by publishing its transgressions, which made it resort to force in order to silence these opposing voices.

The latest scandal of “Al-Nusra Front” is what SDC has published about the stealing of humanitarian aid that is supposed to reach the people of Idlib, but it arrives incomplete, or distributed less than what is agreed upon between these organizations and the “local councils” “affiliated with Al-Nusra, or distributed for a week only while it is supposed to suffice for / 20 / days.

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