Official in Local Council in al-Bab, Aleppo assassinated

SDC sources informed that an official in one of the Local Councils affiliated with the militants was shot down to death by unknowns on Monday in al-Bab, east Aleppo.

Official in Local Council in al-Bab, Aleppo assassinated

The assassinated official was called Khaled Al-Moustafa, and was the deputy president of Tal’ar Local Council in Akhtarin. Al-Moustafa was in Cornish Street in al-Bab when he was attacked by two unknown militants on a motorcycle, and shot him to death.

Press pages said that the so-called “free police” arrested the perpetrators near Alrai road; however, this news was not confirmed for being only part of what has been circulated among the people there.

A similar assassination happened inbal-Bab mid August where unknowns hid an explosive device on a vehicle of one of the Turkish-backed so-called “Free Police” leaders. The IED was exploded near Ehsan Mosque and claimed the life of the leader and injured another who had been with him in the vehicle.

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