President Assad in a meeting with Russian delegation: Acceptable progress achieved for both parties in a variety of cases

President Assad during his reception of a senior Russian delegation which arrived in Damascus on Monday emphasized in a statement, “Russia and Syria have accomplished progress to materialize an agreeable solution for both parties in a variety of cases."

President Assad in a meeting with Russian delegation: Acceptable progress achieved for both parties in a variety of cases

The Russian delegation headed by the deputy prime minister, Yury Borisov, along with a big number of Russian officials including foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, had arrived for the purpose of talks with the Syrian side, regarding the political aspect and economic sanctions imposed on the country in addition to discussing the issues of Idlib and eastern Euphrates areas.

President Assad in a meeting pointed out, “We have reached agreements which target issues especially related to the imposed sanctions on Russian companies working in Syria.” Assad emphasized Damascus’s concern to make Russian investments in Syria work.

Syrian president expressed Syrians’ gratitude for what Russia is doing in the political, military and economic arena helping Syria regain its security and territorial integrity overcoming war aftermath. Assad highlighted in a statement, “Syria was and is still flexible politically speaking, parallel to the efforts on war against terror.”

The deputy prime minister, Yury Borisov, stated, “Russia highly appreciates the current partnership between Moscow and Damascus.” Borisov made sure on maintaining the support and help to Syria in the latter’s political efforts in various aspects despite some Western countries attempts to obstruct any understandings or agreements which serve the Syrian people.

In the meeting the implementation of signed agreements between the Syrian and Russian sides and their efforts to reach new agreements was discussed in accordance with what serves the interests of both countries and reduces the political aftermath of forcibly implemented sanctions by some countries against the Syrian people. An agreement was reached on the significance of embarking on the execution of mechanisms that guarantee overriding the economic sanctions.

During the current talks framework between both delegations in Damascus, another meeting took place between the prime minister of Syria, Engineer Hussein Arnous, with the Russian deputy prime minister, Yury Borisov. In the meeting, plans of reinforcing economic, commerce and investment between both countries were discussed with the emphasis on the necessity to open new horizons for bilateral cooperation in a variety of domains to contribute to burden reduction caused by the imposed economic sanctions on Syria.

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