Al-Nusra Front officers assault youth accused of “Hubble-Bubble”!

SDC local sources reported that Al-Nusra Front in Idleb restored the so called “Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice Center” which assaulted a number of youth by beating in Idleb governorate.

Al-Nusra Front officers assault youth accused of “Hubble-Bubble”!

Center’s officers assaulted a group of youth who were promenading down “Corniche” area in Ideb City and destroyed their Hubble-Bubbles under the pretext of being banned by Islamic law and must not be smoked whatsoever.

“Propagation of Virtue Center” is the new naming for what had been known as “Goodness Arms,”which is a body that is similar to “Hisbeh” patrols used by ISIS in its areas.

After the widespread demonstration by locals against “Goodness Arms” due to the increase of constraints, Al-Nusra Front has dissolved the body in an attempt to absorb people’s anger; however, it quickly established the same body under the name of “Propagation of Virtue Center” .

“Propagation of Virtue Center” officers had published a list of banned activities in its areas. The most prominent were: prohibiting women from being in a shop without a man in a marketplace, prohibiting men from selling women’s clothing, observing wedding and gaming halls to prevent what they call, “vices,” prohibiting the manifestation of “Hubble-Bubble” in the streets, restaurants and public places and banning a number of men’s hairstyles; in addition to banning pictures in shops and preventing male and female students mingle in educational institutes.

Every now and then, areas under Al-Nusra Front control see widely popular demonstrations which increase constraints by Al-Nusra on locals controlling the entire aspects of life in the area.

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