Al-Nusra Front congratulates the Taliban movement for signing an agreement with the Americans.

Al-Nusra Front issued a letter to the Afghan Taliban, congratulating it on signing a peace agreement with the US.

Al-Nusra Front congratulates the Taliban movement for signing an agreement with the Americans.

The message contained the legitimate’s signature in “Al-Nusra”, “Abdul Rahim Atoun,” nicknamed “Abu Abdullah al-Shami,” who titled the message with congratulations to the Taliban.

During which he considered that the Taliban agreement with the Americans was a major victory for the muslims in Afghanistan.

The letter said that what Afghanistan reaps today is the result of great effort and long patience.

Referring to the agreement signed in Qatar that provides for a gradual US withdrawal from Afghanistan within 14 months, and the Taliban start peace talks with the Afghan government, and an exchange of prisoners between the Taliban and the Americans.

Al-Nusra considered that the Taliban did not confuse the political and military tracks, but made each one serve the other.

Noting that the military success must be employed in the form of political gains, in one of the rare times when Al-Nusra talks about the solutions and tge political path.

As it had previously rejected all the political agreements and solutions, and had always shown its adherence to the military options despite the successive defeats suffered by the Syrian army.

Al-Nusra did not neglect in its statement about uniting efforts into one group, in an implicit message to the rest of the factions in Idlib, which Al-Nusra refuses to remain independent from them.

As it had previously issued a decision prohibiting the establishment of any faction in its areas of control outside of its authority and administration.

The message of “Al-Nusra” came after a previous speech by “Atoun” himself, during which he talked about the desire of “Al-Nusra” to normalize its relations with the foreign countries, improve its image before the international community and remove its name from the list of terrorist organizations.

While Turkey is working to polish “Al-Nusra’s” image and presentation to the world as a moderate organization.

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