A Russian-Turkish meeting to discuss the field situation in Idlib.

The Russian delegation will participate in a meeting on Wednesday, with the Turkish responsibles to seek in the field situations in Idlib, and to coordinate between the 2 countries.

A Russian-Turkish meeting to discuss the field situation in Idlib.

Khaled Iskef

The Turkish Ministry Of Defence said that the Russian delegation arrived at Ankara to discuss the recent developments in Idlib northern Syria.

That eas after the Turkish forces has conducted a patrol on the international “Aleppo-Latakia” road.

As it considered the first of its kind since the last assault on the joint patrols in the 25th of last August, due to the absence of the Russian forces.

It is expected that the meeting in Ankara will discuss the conduction of the joint patrols, and the insurance of securing the international road, to prevent any future assaults similar to the recent one.

In addition of discussing the results of the military maneuvers between the 2 forces in Idlib, and the possibility of starting a mutual work against the takfiri factions, which are targeting the patrols.

An unidentified group in Idlib calling themselves the “Khattab al-Shishani Brigades” and “Ansar Abu Bakr al-Siddiq Brigade” had announced their responsibility for targeting the joint patrols and the Turkish forces in Idlib.

While the Russian side is demanding the Turk to stick to their pledge of the Moscow agreement regarding the removal of militants on both sides of the international road and securing it.

Also to prepare for it to open as it was mentioned in the agreement.

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